Condimento Bianco Denso


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This superior white vinegar was produced in the same manner as our Balsamics but without the classification due to P.G.I. rules. Fine white vinegar was combined with grape must and aged for a few months in Slovenian oak barrels to produce a smooth, round and sweet taste, before being transferred to stainless barrels to maintain its color integrity. This premium quality dressing / condiment has an intense perfume and low acidity making it suitable for dressing watermelon and mint salads, to add a hint of sweetness to grilled poultry, as a finish for grilled stone fruit or poached pears or to replace simple syrup in your favorite cocktails.

Produced in Italy from grapes of Italian origin. Bottled in Schenectady, NY. Caramel free. The fullest flavor can be enjoyed when stored in a cool, dark place through date noted on bottle/tag.

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