A Tradition We are Proud to Share

Peter’s Grandparents Maria Dominica and Achille with Peter’s Father, Angelo on their farm in Cervinara, Italy, 1928.

When you are born into a family that owns and cultivates an olive grove as Peter was, you become accustomed to eating the freshest foods with the purest ingredients. This is what you expect from all of your sustenance throughout life, no matter where life brings you. This is also what you bring to a business that bears your name–pride in sharing your appreciation for the best of earth’s bounty.

When you purchase from Testa’s Pantry you are assured of purchasing olive oils and balsamic vinegars that have been procured from trusted, well-established and reputable producers, either directly or through suppliers who have traveled the world sourcing the very finest products from some of the oldest and the most traditional olive oil and balsamic vinegar producing families. You can trust that our herbs and spices are organic and produced solely to bring pure ingredients, and pure flavors to the home cook. You can trust that our gourmet pantry items have been personally selected to meet our high standards of quality and taste.

Our gift baskets are simple and lovely, but you are invited to customize with your favorite items. Use our existing baskets, or choose a specialty basket or vessel obtained from your source or one of ours–one which is both beautiful and functional to encase our most prized selections for you to gift to your most prized friends or clients.

We welcome your comments and feedback and embrace the opportunity to establish a long and prosperous relationship.

​Warmest regards,
Debbie and Peter